Our Mission

Beard Kits for Men is on a mission to do three things:

  1. Sell premium beard care products at an affordable price
  2. Provide great customer experiences and support
  3. Give back with every purchase


Premium beard care products: Our beard care kits, beard oil, beard balm, brushes, combs and accessories are all products we carefully selected because of their quality and value. Our oils and balms are made from 100% organic, all-natural ingredients. Our combs, brushes, barber's shears, and accessories are all made from high-quality materials that last.

Great experience: We keep things simple. That includes our website. Rather than try to hypnotize our visitors with marketing speak, we rely on our quality products and a no-nonsense approach to providing a great experience while shopping on our site. 

We give back. As of November 21st, we will donate $1.00 for every item our customers purchase to the Disabled American Veterans. These men and women put their lives on the line for us, and what more can we say- we are all indebted to their service. You can see our donation amount on this page using the donation counter below.

We believe that if we do these three things well, customers will be happy. And when you're happy, we're happy.


We started our business in 2017 after being laid off from our jobs. Not having to report into the corporate world any longer, we noticed that we started to grow our own beards - and then it hit us: why not start our own beard care business for dudes like us?

While this might not be the most exciting story, it's ours and we own it. 

There are a lot of beard care kits, oils and balms out there to choose from. We hope you give ours a try and love what you've purchased from our online store. And, in the unlikely chance you don't, check out our refund policy

You can also contact us at: info@beardcarekitsformen.com 

Rock on!